Hugs ‘n’ Rugs is a fun concept with a lot of comfort for our kids and pre-teens. This is an exclusive kid’s room brand created and crafted by creative team of designers and craftsmen. The good thing we need to share with you that our designer team includes a few versatile kids as well about 7-10 years of age and they are creating fascinating designs of bedding, room rugs, bath rugs and shower curtains for their lovely peers. Today, Kids rooms, with lot of colors splashed out, are not only a space for fun but these are the exclusive zones where new dreams, ideas, thoughts fly by particularly at bed time and few of these remains forever in to their little tender minds for years to come. Actually, these seemingly fleeting thoughts form the cornerstone of their lives in later years. So, we need to create an ambience where a number of times, they are in to their  world weaving their own dreams and chain of thoughts  unknowingly creating bonds of love, affection and an attitude of care and sympathy for the world outside. Here, their foundations for life are being solidified effortlessly with all the fun together. Our passion to create and launch a brand and identity for kids carries this motive front head.

Motifs and themes, selected from day to day activities kids do, hold a lot of potential for learning while having fun. The themes with a sense of keen observation can be turned in to powerhouse of ideas and innovations. The products are converted and crafted by innovative craftsmen displaying finest workmanship in appliqués, patchworks, embroidery, quilting and finishing. All raw materials are duly tested and found absolutely safe for your kids and the environment.

Here we go…. we are reaching you on-line keeping our channels open for sharing our thoughts in order to better our product offerings!! Thank you.